Ibbani Resort, Sakleshpur



Welcome to Ibbani Resort - A Resort in Sakleshpur

Ibbani Resort in Sakleshpur gives you a sense of being around nature’s best serene surroundings. Ibbani Resort Sakleshpur was built with the sole purpose of providing a relaxed get away in the heart of lush greenery landscape of Sakleshpur in Karnataka. Our warm hospitality, privacy, away from the noises and just pure nature’s melody awaits you to make your stay a memorable one in Sakleshpur. An ideal relaxing day, you will wake up experiencing a beautiful sunrise, an unpolluted view of the morning blue sky, fallen dew and mist, fog covered landscape, relaxed and calm atmosphere with chirping birds, sounds from the forest, waterfalls and water streams running along. The experience is sure to linger in your memory even long after you check-out. Sakleshpur is sure to offer you a unique experience in different months. Ibbani Resort Sakleshpur is ideal to visit all year round. Ibbani Resort Sakleshpur is committed towards providing services that will exceed your expectations visit after visit. Ibbani Resort uses the best possible environment friendly methods and practices to give you a memorable experience during your stay. We assure your stay at Ibbani Resort in Sakleshpur, an experience that is as diverse as it is complete, an occasion to bond not just with your loved ones but also with the nature and rejoice in the gift of togetherness. Ibbani Resort aspires to provide an experience for you to cherish always. Visit our website often to get the best packages and deal for your stay in Ibbani Resort in Sakleshpur. Go back home with the memories of your stay in the best Resort in Sakleshpur.




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